Teabag Hats

Teabag hats!

Amanda has been busy knitting teabag hats for friends and is building up stock to give to the Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline Charity once this is all over. How lovely. She shares the pattern here for those of you that might have some wool at home (or can get someone to drop some on your doorstop!) and give this a go.

Thanks Mand

2 thoughts on “Teabag hats!”

  1. Re: teabag hats
    Hi Amanda, I knit hats every winter for friends and family. I am currently knitting baby pram blankets. I have my own patterns. Can I use those or do I need to use your suggested pattern?
    Please let me know how to get them to you once this is all over.
    Keep knitting
    Sue Smith

    1. Hi Sue
      You can use any pattern you like. Apparently they like pom-poms.

      I have a friend whose having a baby girl do you have a pattern from r the prom blanket and any baby cardigans?
      If you have I would be really grateful if you could send me a copy
      Thank you stay safe

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