Tai Chi - Beginners (The Gentle Tigers)

This group has been meeting since the summer of 2021. We have learned the Tai Chi 8 Form and the 24 Form and are now learning the Fan 18. We are now up to capacity for this group.

Contact/Group Leader:  Kate Parsons    kateparsons275@icloud.com    07948 683682

Venue: Hall at the KSCA/ Edward Marsh Centre, Kinver
Places: This group and waiting list are now full/closed.
Cost: £1 per session
What to wear: some sort of comfortable loose or stretchy trousers or leggings and top. Plimsolls, trainers or shoes with relatively thin soles
What to expect in terms of physical activity: an hour of sustained, relatively gentle stretching, balance and movement from a standing position with a short break. It may  stretch you more than you think!
I should add that none of us who lead the sessions at Kinver U3A is a qualified Tai Chi teacher- we have all learned from videos and more experienced members of the group. We do love our Tai Chi, however, so we’re happy to share our enthusiasm with you if you want to give it a try.