Tai Chi - Advanced (The Fiery Fans)

Tai Chi is facilitated by leaders who are self-taught and taught by members in the group.  We are not teachers or Tai Chi experts but we all get a lot of enjoyment from practicing Tai Chi and being part of a friendly group.

We follow various forms of Tai Chi including:

  • Perth 18 Qi Gong
  • Qi Gong 24 Form (Amin Wu)
  • Yang Style Tai Chi Fan Form


Benefits from practicing Tai Chi regularly:

  • Helps to reduce stress
  • Improves mood
  • Improves balance and reduces the risk of falls.
  • Strengthen and relaxes muscles.
  • Helps to improve core strength.
  • Reduce pain in arthritis.

Our advanced group (The Fiery Fans) meets on Mondays at 1.30