This page gives you some ideas/resources for reading, watching, music etc.

Calling all animal lovers - Virtual Tour of Longleat

Andrew Lloyd Webber Musicals available on YouTube - over the weekends only

National Theatre streaming plays Thursday evening at 7pm

Curiosity Stream have reduced their subscription to $11.99 for a whole year – documentaries streamed to your device. Be entertained and educated at the same time! Click on their picture below to go to the site.

If you have a smart phone, you’ll probably have a “podcast” app like the one to the right. You can search this app for lots of podcasts, from documentaries, chat shows, music and much more – mostly free of charge!

The Metropolitan Opera, New York, is offering free streaming of earlier opera productions every day while it is closed. Go to their website…/met-to-launch-nightly-met…/

Amazon have made some audible books free – looks like mostly for children but also some classics. If you have a kindle – or the app on a phone or table, go here to have a look – maybe for your grandchildren, if not you?!

Click here to go to the webpage.

The LSO will be live streaming their upcoming concerts. Go to for more information.

There are many other concerts on offer. To view them all go to Classic FM. Click here to go to the site.

Performance from stage which have been filmed  are also available. Click on the picture to the left to go to the website to discover plays and musicals etc.