Tour de Worcestershire or La Vuelta de los Magnificos

On Tuesday 16th January, (date chosen to accommodate David Giddings’ other literary and less energetic pursuits) a hardy group of four braved the elements on a bitterly cold yet sunny morning, well wrapped up and protected from the elements.

Ben, Rod, Ian and Ken met at Chaddesley Corbett for a ride through the Worcestershire lanes, ably led by Ken. You will notice that David G’s name is not included in the list of intrepid participants. This is because, despite the date having been chosen at his request, he pulled out at the last minute with very flimsy excuses, saying (a) that he had an “assignment” in Kinver in the afternoon and (b) his electrics were playing up! (maybe a heart or brain problem). We think it was just too cold for him.

The ride was brilliant, 20 miles, mostly flat and an excellent way to blow away winter cobwebs and warm up the muscles in the new year. The midday stop at Lord Moreton’s tearooms at Cutnall Green was just what we needed, with delicious bacon sandwiches and free refill on tea and coffee. Highly recommended.

Star mechanic goes to Ian Watkins who had to cut short his brunch to change an inner tube punctured by two hawthorne spikes left on the lanes by the hedge cutting tractor, which was virtually the only traffic we saw.
Thanks to Ken for preparing and leading this ride.

Next ride Tuesday February 20th, 10.30am, KCSA (Edward Marsh Centre) aiming for Alveley Chapel tea rooms via the Kinver, Compton and Romsley lanes.
The bets are on as to what excuse DG will make this time!

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