Exciting New Website for U3A Kinver

We’re currently working on this new website for our U3A. Hopefully, some of you will share news and photos from your groups here.

6 thoughts on “Exciting New Website for U3A Kinver”

    1. Thanks Liz
      Think the capitalisation is a default setting in the font – just need to put time aside to find out where it can be changed!

  1. Thanks Liz, for very interesting French and Italian classes It is always good to learn! Also, there is also humour in the sessions which is good. So we have some
    laughs along the way
    À bien tôt
    Pat Boffy

  2. I took up French because I understood that doing a foreign language was good for the memory and it was a subject I enjoyed at school. Liz makes it interesting and entertaining with some humour along the way.

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