E-bike Musketeers

Four intrepid e-bike musketeers, David Giddings, David Forbes, Ian Watkins and Ben Thompson, braved the icily cold wind, the potholes down the lanes and the unusually early 9.00am start and wended their way via Enville and Halfpenny Green to Upper Aston, where we were given a splendid warm welcome from Lizzie, from Lizzie’s cafe barn. The breakfast bacon, sausage and egg sandwiches and fresh brewed coffee were wonderful. The special attraction there was an aerial loop the loop from Ben which left him prostrate on the floor when his bike skidded on the gravel entrance to Lizzie’s.

Gold award goes to Ian for both his very fetching headgear and his extra fast leading, which nearly left the slower tortoises lost.

One ignominious incident. We were travelling fast (electrically) through Enville when we were overtaken at great speed by a push biker. However, he was younger, had a racing bike and was Lycra clad!

Great morning!

Why not join us next month, Tuesday Nov 21st, 10.00am at the Edward Marsh Centre (formerly KSCA).

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