Cycling - Leisure

Join us for a local bike ride – nothing too ambitious!

We meet once a month at 10am, usually on the second Tuesday of the month. However, check the “events” page for the next outing.

Ben Thompson coordinates: 07083082031

On Tuesday 26 March, six very brave cyclists set out from the EMC on a 22 mile round trip to Blakedown. The ride was very ably led by Rod Fuller who had clearly spent a lot of time prior to the day “scoping” the route which was largely through deserted Country lanes. The six excited souls were Rod, Ben, David G, James, and two new riders, Keith Belson and Andy Rex. We should have been seven, but communications broke down and Ken was left waiting for us for over an hour at The Deli, Belbroughton, before he packed up his bike and made his way home alone. Apologies to Ken for the mix up.

Our route took us first through Whittington and Churchill, where Rod explained how he had been the volunteer who had cleaned up the animal pound (see picture) and prepared it for use by the current flock of sheep and other four legged friends. We then passed through Broome and Clent before arriving at our rest stop, The Deli at Belbroughton, where to be honest, we were a little disappointed with the bacon sandwiches (see picture).

The massively hilly route continued on our round trip back, viaDrayton, Hill Pool Blakedown and Caunsall before returning along the “cut” back to Kinver, knackered but satisfied.

Endurance award and award for the most ridiculous specs (see picture) goes to our new member Andy Rex, who managed all the hills, some very steep, as the only non motorised biker. In contrast, James hardly needed to pedal for the whole of the journey on his supercharged machine.

A brilliant ride – three hour riding time, great scenery, good company and mutual support. Thanks Rod.

On Tuesday 20 Feb, six adventures took on the ten hills challenge and headed from Kinver through the lanes to Compton, Romsley and on to The Chapel Cafe in Alveley for a welcome rest and excellent sustenance. We were six, Ben, Ken, David G, Ian, Rod F, and a warm welcome to our new member James Wailes with his all singing all dancing bike craftily disguised as a motor bike (see red bike in pictures)
Good company, good banter, great ride.
Extreme endurance award goes without doubt to Ken, who, despite being the eldest, managed all ten hills as the only non electric biker in the group. Thanks to Ian for leading this ride.

Prizes for the best caption for the picture of David Giddings (left). (Note he is standing close to the defibrillator just in case)
Already submitted:
# Biggles returns (Rod)
# Preparing for the bush tucker trial (Ben)

On a Tuesday in December, only the very bravest fought the rain, fog, wind and cold weather (actually it was dry and quite warm) for our Pre Christmas ride to Irene and Ivy’s tea rooms at Claverley.

Ben T, Rod F, Ian W, and Ken C were the four musketeers who were brave enough to face the challenge of a mid winter ride. David G wimped out, saying that he preferred a more intellectual/cerebral/easy pursuit, the book club, but I would have thought a man of such advanced years should be thinking of body fitness rather than the scholarly and nerdy.

The ride itself was surprisingly without incident except for Ken having a sudden chain crisis and Ian forgetting his helmet. In Claverley, the sausage sandwiches at the exquisitely old fashioned Irene and Ivy’s tea rooms were to die for. (See right/below)

No awards this month except nerdy wimp award to guess who.

A welcome to James Wailes who is joining us for our next ride on January 16th, route to be confirmed, and chosen so that no one is at book club.

Happy riding