Unfortunately, there are some people who will take advantage and spend their time writing scams in order to convince others to part with their money. If you have any doubts about something then go to your browser separately and do a search on it. 

The picture below is a screen shot of a genuine text message from the UK Government. I received this and did wonder if it was true. Instead of clicking on the link in the text, I went to Google (other web browsers are available) and searched for something like “uk government text coronavirus” and was directed to the Government website confirming it was genuine. That page can be found here.

This, on the other hand, is a SCAM.

DO NOT click on the link to pay! Go away from the text, search “text fine for going out” – one of the search results is ITV reporting it to be a scam – see item here.

Beware a scam currently doing the rounds allegedly from SKY offering to put you on a cheaper tariff because you are a high risk customer. They ask for your details to set up a new direct debit. Don’t give them any details – always go away from the message and check the suppliers website or do a web search separately to see if you can find out if these things are true first.