NOTE!! We meet on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month only, even if the the month has five Tuesdays!
The Craft group meets between 10.00 and 12.00 at Kinver Fire Station. 
Members are encouraged to bring along anything they are working on and encouragement, advice and support are always available.
We also work on various projects to develop new skills – everything from button craft to silk painting, there’s always a YouTube video! Demonstrations and outings are arranged from time to time.

For more information contact Rosalie Rider on 07563 961403. New members are more than welcome. 

What shall I take to the group to do today?



Cross Stitch?

Card Making?


In late 2023 we made bears from squares for the charity Crafting for Communities. After knitted squares had been done at home, we had a great morning’s teamwork – knitting, sewing up, stuffing, sewing faces and ‘clothes’!

What we've made over the years

Another craft to try at home maybe? We were given a box of nail varnish and told to ‘do something crafty’ with it!

We have represented the U3A at Saint Peter’s Church Christmas Tree Festival over the years. The felted crib figures were used twice and the decorated tree is now in use, demonstrating our talents (!) whilst trying to acknowledge the theme of the Festival.

A Joint Charity project

The group has been working on a project since March 2018. The charity Project Linus accepts and distributes quilts and blankets to children and young people who are ill, in hospital or in distress. Some of us have been working on small patchwork quilts, learning the art of cutting and stitching accurately and enjoying searching out odd bits of fabric to use. Others have revived their knitting skills, making cot sized blankets, joining squares and learning to knit round and round! A select few have been knitting tiny hats for premature babies or little triangles for Mums to share their scent with the premature baby.

The project has been met with great enthusiasm and thanks go to all who have helped, donated or instructed! Thanks too to Heather Russell, a local Project Linus representative who came to our group in 2018 to receive the quilts and blankets and tell us about the work of the charity.

Since then more quilts have been donated every year.

Some pictures from the archives

Learning how lace is made

Découpage with Heather from Winnie and Olive Vintage shop

A morning at Ann Becke’s house doing Dirty Painting