Our mixed voice choir is now into its fourth year.

Our music is 4 part harmony—Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone—(we now have 3 gents who have a good crack at the Tenor voice!)
Rehearsals are 2nd and 4th Thursdays, 10 till 12am. We meet at the Senior Citizens Club, situated at the top of Legion Drive.

We already have a group of some 25 singers with all voices well represented except for Tenor, but we really need to build on these numbers, as other commitments often reduce actual turnout by half. We always stress that we are a very relaxed outfit, and do not require any special ability such as reading music though that is obviously a help.

We have over 40 sets of music. Pippa, our MD, will be returning at some stage, when her young family permits, but Rod, her father and our chairman, has been filling in superbly. William, our accompanist, continues to provide his excellent professional support.

This term we are retaining Linden Lee, Singing in the Rain, and Do you hear what I hear, with some exciting new ones–Scarborough Fair/Sound of Silence medley, Crossing the Bar, a Madrigal and even Plainsong!!

We did a xmasy gig at Lowestone Court just before xmas.

Initial contact for new members can be with Chairman Rod Marshall on (01384) 878391, or Secretary David Giddings on (01384) 873646